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MythBusters: Why starting a Business in a Recession is a GOOD idea!

Mar 28, 2020

We've busted 3 common Myths...

Myth # 1 - Now is not the best time when the economy is going into a recession.

Not true. Interest rates are low and suppliers are hungry.

Myth # 2 – It's too expensive to start a business, and I need to be smart with my cash right now.

Understandable, but you don't need TONS of cash to get started. Let us show you.

Myth# 3 – All the good ideas are taken.

It may seem that way,  but we will show you how you can differentiate yourself.

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Are you brand new to the idea of being your own boss and starting your own business venture?

This online training covers everything you need from business idea selection and feasibility to registering, marketing, branding, sales, overhead, revenue and profit, risks and operations.  

Everything you need from start to finish and you will finish with a "bank-ready" plan and clear - thoughtfully researched ideas and direction. 


We make developing a plan for your business venture easy! 

This program makes it super easy for you to build and grow the business you've always dreamed of on a schedule that works for you without the added hassle of having to attend classes in person!

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Turn Your Passion into a Business

We give you suggestions and worksheets for you to understand what you excel at and how you can turn that into a business (if you don't quite know yet)

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Online Step-by-Step Program

Once you've realized your business potential, we give you the tools to build your complete business plan at a pace that works for you.

Yes, we have Payment Plans!

Self-Employment Training

Reg. $997

1 Payment - Limited time offer

Now ONLY $297

  • Entrepreneur self-assessments
  • Business feasibility worksheets & start-up checklists
  • 12 step-by-step Modules walking you through building your complete Business Plan
  • A complete and implementable Action Plan 
  • Access to monthly E:Workshops, tutorials & webinars, instruction videos and member discounts
  • Downloadable PDF workbooks
  • Working templates & tools
  • Peer & community support in a private Facebook group
  • And so much more...

*Can be completed in 12-14 weeks. You will have access to this program for 6 months.


Need a Payment Plan?

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$169 CAD x 2 

2 consecutive payments

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"With the Encore:CEO™ program, I find myself gaining so much clarity about my vision, my strengths and where I can most add value for my clients and others around me, and I am gaining a new and exciting perspective for the future."

-Mary Lou G., Business Success Mentor

Why Encore:CEO™?

Marketing firms can charge up to $30,000 to develop a Marketing Strategy alone for your business.

We've built this same process & structure into all of our Encore:CEO™ programs to give you the tools to build it yourself at an affordable price.

Designed to give small businesses the tools to create a strategic plan, AND for business coaches who want to supplement their coaching practice with planning tools for their own clients

Built by entrepreneurs

Built by Entrepreneurs

Our programs are developed and designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs! We have over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience!

Real life experience

Real Life Experience

Our step-by-step programs are not theory-based. Everything that we teach is based off of real life examples and experience.

Creative approach

Creative Approach

A creative perspective marries the
tangible with the intangible - the
creative approach for your business that is proven to get results!

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Sort through some of your ideas to kick start your creative muscle and think about the business you would like to start. Home based?  Brick and Mortar? It’s your choice, always.