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My Creative Planner

The ultimate planner for people who want to be more creative!

Designed in Canada by Madsen Avenue.

$55 CAD

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  • Track your goals & stay focused
  • Set up 90 day Action Plans
  • Shape your To-Do lists
  • Create quarterly Marketing Plans
  • Brainstorm your ideas each month
  • Perpetual planning! Start your planning anytime.
  • 6" x 9" soft cover format - perfect for your purse or bag!

The Pen is Mightier than the Keyboard

The life of an entrepreneur is busy and planning is key to reaching our goals and growing our business.

Studies have shown, the act of writing triggers all kinds of benefits, including: stimulates and engages both sides of the brain, increased focus and attention, calms the body and nerves, slows mental aging, increases problem solving abilities, and unleashes creativity.

Many customers add My Creative Planner to accompany their digital calendar giving them the benefits of both.

My Creative Planner

Designed to make Planning fun & easy!

My Creative Planner is designed from years of working with Entrepreneurs on their planning, marketing and branding. Designed for the entrepreneur, My Creative Planner takes big goals and breaks them into 90 day action steps and weekly tasks; the very same way we approach goal setting and strategic  planning.

Silk Touch cover with hidden coil binding.

Beautiful layout, "silk touch" cover, bound with a hidden metal coil binding allows your planner to lie flat, making it easy to use. Comfortable 6" x 9" format so you can take it with you anywhere you go!

My Creative Planner
My Creative Planner

A Living-Working document.

Adding a marketing plan to each quarter is a reminder to review, budget, measure, repeat or revise your marketing plan. While the brainstorming and reflection pages give you time to pause, consider your next steps, but also generate new ideas and direction!

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