Who is Your Ideal Customer?

Mar 12, 2020

Remember when you were in English class and your assignment was to create a character? You had to define his likes and dislikes; his physical characteristics; what he did for an occupation; what kind of personality he had and whether he’s an antagonist or a protagonist.

Characterizing your ideal customer is very much the same exercise, you either define who you would like to have for an ideal customer by listing all of the characteristics and values that the perfect customer has or choose the perfect customers from your pool of clients and study them.

What do they read for newspapers, magazines, blogs, are they tweeters. What makes them your perfect customer? Do they pay on time every time, have similar interests and values as you? Are they easy to get along with, conversational or confrontational? We tend to appreciate customers who are more like ourselves than we realize.

The more you know about your customer the closer you are to figuring out how to attract the ones you want and the best place to draw from is the customer pool you already have. If you are at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey and you don’t have customers, describe in detail who you would love to work with.

You need a starting point and only YOU get to decide...

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