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A Look Inside Your Program

Purposefully designed to allow those "Aha!" moments to happen.

Program Overview

Our programs are sectioned into twelve step-by-step modules.

We have purposefully designed the program to focus your attention on the process itself, resulting in a marketing and action plan specifically suited for you and your business.

This is likely the most important process you will ever do for your business growth and success. Working “ON” your business instead of “IN” it takes time, and why we created this program from decades of experience working with small businesses.

“By focusing your attention and energy less on the results but rather on the processes or the techniques involved you discover that you learn faster, are more successful and even happier at the outcome.” 

~ Casey Imafidon

Below is an overview of each Module!

You can work through each one to fit with your schedule.

Modules 1-6

The Marketing backbone of your business.

Available in ALL Encore:CEO™ programs.

Encore:CEO Module 1 and 2

Where you are, what you bring to the table and what is important to you. These steps ensure you create a value-based foundation. Every business has a culture and you get to define what that is in your business. A strong brand is born from your foundation.

Encore:CEO Module 3

What problem do you solve for your client? It’s common for small businesses to focus on what they sell instead of why and how. This module helps to flush out the intangible benefits, identify the perceived value and provide you with pricing tools to get clear on your offer.

Encore:CEO Module 4

Who is your ideal client?  This module will help you define who is best served by you and why.  Your message must speak to your audience.  To create clear, consistent communication on your website, social channels, campaigns and marketing collateral, you need to know who to direct that message to.

Encore:CEO Module 5

An understanding of the industry you are in and the players (competition) is the awareness that opens doors to ideas, opportunity and possible collaborations.  We need to know what is going on out there so we know how to navigate and prepare for a shift in market trends or industry changes.

Encore:CEO Module 6

Putting your marketing strategy and plan together. This module will give you the tools to take what you learned from Modules One through Five to create your plan, campaigns and marketing schedule.

Modules 7-12

The Full Business Plan components.

Available only to those in the Self-Employment Training & Innovators program.

Encore:CEO Module 7

Your Operations plan is an opportunity to look inside your company and identify any areas that require improvement. If your plan is being presented to a reader for funding purposes, you will want to explain how your production, delivery and processes work,  sharing with the reader the daily operations of your company.

Encore:CEO Module 8

Your financial plan is an opportunity to try it on before making any changes in your business. Turning a profit is the goal of every business and the numbers that support your goals and substantiate the rest of your plan require thoughtful analysis and educated guesswork.  You will have the tools to forecast sales, cashflow and income and expenses.

Encore:CEO Module 9

A Risk Analysis is necessary since every business has risks. This module will help you identify risks and what you will do to mitigate possible risk.

Encore:CEO Module 10

Branding is much more than your logo. This module gives you food for thought when analyzing your current website and marketing materials and if you are new to business, a starting point for developing your brand.

Encore:CEO Module 11

Sales is not marketing and marketing is not sales. We give you tips and perspectives to add to your sales tool kit.

Encore:CEO Module 12

What’s next in your plan. We will give you success tips for making the most of your plan and the hard work you’ve put in working ON your business.

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Why Encore:CEO™?

Built by entrepreneurs

Built by Entrepreneurs

Our programs are developed and designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs! We have over 30 years of entrepreneurial experience!

Real life experience

Real Life Experience

Our step-by-step programs are not theory-based. Everything that we teach is based off of real life examples and experience.

Creative approach

Creative Approach

A creative perspective marries the
tangible with the intangible - the
creative approach for your business that is proven to get results!

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